Thursday, 7 February 2019

Study abroad easy and enjoyable with a student Forex card

As a international student, when you travel abroad for higher education, you would prefer spending your time studying and exploring the city, rather than handling your finances. To make sure that the you can handle the Forex with ease, you should carry the prepaid Forex card. You can use for all your expenses, and say bye to currency notes. It is beneficial to mention that you can use the prepaid cards to withdraw currency notes as well as make payments. Each transaction made on these cards extremely safe and secure.

The student Forex card is the best Forex card in India. It is designed to help you save money and to ease the pain of handling the finances. The expenditures made on your card will always be transparent, as you will have details of the exact payments you make. Let’s have a look of the advantages of using the prepaid Forex card for students.

Student Forex Card Online

Single or Multiple Currency

You have the option to choose between single and multiple currency prepaid card. Both the cards have unique features, however, the single currency card is more useful for students as it offers free transactions every time you visit the ATM to withdraw forex.

Carrying change

Whether in India or abroad, carrying change money is always an annoyance. You either lose the change, or you leave it as tip when you visit a restaurant. As a result, without realising we spend thousands of Rupees each month in change. However, as you make payments with the best Forex card, you will make payments of the exact amounts. Thereby saving the change in every transaction. As a student, the change you save will be invaluable.


Using the prepaid card is fast and seamless. Like a debit card, you can use the prepaid card to make payments using the Forex in your card. You can make payments for all your purchases, without carrying any physical cash.

Lowest Exchange Rates

You can purchase Forex on the best Forex card for students, at the lowest exchange rates in India.


A required feature fulfilled by the best Forex card is the availability of the card across India. Now, you can visit the website of the vendor and order the prepaid currency card to anywhere in India.


At any point of the month, or day, if you require more Forex, you can reload the card with currency. Yes, even if it is a holiday or it is in the middle of the night, the request for purchasing Forex on the prepaid card can be placed throughout the day.

This is extremely useful for students abroad, and for their parents in India. As the parents can transfer money to your card whenever you want. You can use this facility to ask your parents when you need extra money and they can transfer money directly to your card.

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